Christian Joudrey

Hello! I am a software developer based in Montreal.

I open-source code on GitHub and travel photos on Unsplash. I like to speak about Ruby, Scaling, and APIs. You can find my talks on Speaker Deck.

Oh, I am also on Twitter if you want to follow me.

Blog posts

Life of a GraphQL Query — Validation
August 2017

Life of a GraphQL Query — Lexing/Parsing
July 2017

Familiarizing myself with a new codebase using Ruby’s TracePoint and Graphviz
July 2017

Capturing HTTP packets the hard way
July 2017

Why I’m excited about GraphQL
November 2016

Recorded talks

Writing NES games! with assembly!!
!!Con 2017

Scaling Rails for Black Friday / Cyber Monday at Shopify
RailsConf 2015